What is hand lettering, anyway?

Hand lettering is the creation of artistic lettering. It’s more to do with drawing or painting letters than with traditional handwriting. Every letter is formed from different repeating shapes, requiring a great deal of patience, precision and creativity. From different variations of block letters to cursive script to advanced lettering techniques such as faux calligraphy, […]

The Evolution of Meetings

Five years ago, calling a meeting meant booking a meeting room and gathering the team in the same place at the same time. If you were lucky, everyone would show up early to allow the meeting to start at the designated time but this wasn’t always true. In person, it is easier for the conversation […]

We offer a contract cleaning service

In accordance with Government guidelines, we strongly recommend an increased level of daily cleaning and sanitisation throughout your building and in particular on high risk touch points and communal areas. Working with our cleaning partners we have developed three distinct service offerings to minimise the ongoing risk of infection and to support your business in […]


Get Organised MONDAY Post-it Notes Being properly organized is one of the foundations of life. Being organized goes beyond knowing where and when things are, it’s good for the soul. Not only does it offer health benefits by cultivating a healthier lifestyle with better sleep and stress relief, but it also helps you make the […]

Why Investing in Mental Wellbeing Support is Vital for Your Business

Did you know that around 1 in 4 of us experiences a mental health problem each year, with stress, anxiety, and depression being the most common ones? These issues can have a far-reaching impact beyond the individual, affecting the workplace with raised levels of absenteeism, reduced productivity, and increased staff turnover. But here’s the good […]


Work smarter, not harder with reusable notebook – Rocketbook. The Rocketbook eco-friendly, cloud-connected products help busy professionals stay organized and reduce paper waste thanks to the unique blend of analog and digital technologies. Founded in 2014, Rocketbook introduced a first-of-its-kind concept: a reusable notebook that can be erased, scanned, and reused multiple times. Since then […]

Social Media in the Workplace

Social media has become a huge part of our daily lives, we can debate for hours whether that is a good thing or not, but when it comes to the workplace, where does social media fit in? It’s a question many businesses are having to consider, and it is not as simple as you might […]


Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, many have adjusted to remote work, education and entertainment, forcing them to spend more time indoors than ever before.  With all this time being spent indoors, TruSens™, a brand of air purifiers designed to improve indoor air quality, is focusing on environmental wellness by purifying the air you and your family […]

The Secret Diary of a Stationery Lover

It’s good to be back in the office after that wretched enforced Christmas break, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t love the festive season, I don my Christmas jumper on the big day like everyone else – this year it was a particularly fetching gift-wrapping jumper, knitted by my grandmother […]

Sound of Acoustics

The popular open plan office was once hailed as the solution to boosting cooperation and productivity. But as the number of open, collaborative spaces increases, so do the levels of noise, stress, and anxiety in the workplace. Noise pollution can lead to increased stress levels and dissatisfaction not just with the work environment, but also […]