Colorlok Technology

What is ColorLok®?ColorLok Technology is the new standard for better print quality. Paper that’s qualified with the ColorLok logo is able to produce the best possible digital prints.The ColorLok standard of performance is for plain-paper output with inkjet and laser printers, as well as common copy machines. As such, ColorLok papers will provide consistent and […]

What are your First Aid requirements?

The first thing you need to know is that every workplace should have appropriate first aid equipment.The minimum standard for these first aid kits is HSE- compliant; the suggested standard is BS 8599-1:2019. Employers should ensure they buy kits that are labelled as complying with one of these two standards.The second consideration is personnel. Many […]

A workplace where people want to be

It has been over two years now since Covid forced employees out of the office and into their homes. Now the pandemic’s impact is steadily decreasing, businesses are actively trying to get employees to return to the office. But not everyone is equally eager to return. Getting workers to come into the office, even for […]

Creating the right learning environment

We are very proud to be able to supply schools, colleges and universities with a wide range of products to create the perfect learning environment for children and students of all ages.Although there are specialist education suppliers around, increasingly schools are buying into the concept of supporting local suppliers who have more of an impact […]

Grounds for Concern

When people ask us what exactly it is that we sell, our default answer is generally “everything for the workplace”. It used to be that we sold “office supplies”, but we very quickly realised that did not reflect the true message because a large percentage of what we supply is for warehouses, washrooms, education establishments […]

The Secret Diary of a Stationery Lover

It has been a busy week for me as work starts to return to normal (I hate that phrase, what is normal? Surely every workplace is different, what is normal to me might be very different to the guys down at the local garage where quite frankly the state of their reception desk has never […]

Office Furniture is the secret to productivity

The office is often referred to as a second home to workers, spending more time there than with their own family, and furniture is essential for smooth and efficient functioning of a workplace. It makes the office environment comfortable, pleasant and attractive, and the role of furniture in the productivity of workers and the efficient […]

Your Local Community NEEDS YOUR HELP

The Keep It Local campaign was launched almost two years ago now to raise awareness of the need to support our local economies and acknowledge those businesses at the heart of our communities. Now as we emerge out the other end of the pandemic, it is abundantly apparent that the landscape will never look as […]